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T shirts Sizes s-m-l-xl-2xl-            20.00
AMKA Club Jacket- 55.00

AMKA-4 in- 6.00 amka patch
FMAC- BAKA-4in- 6.00baka
Philippine flag-1.5x3in -3.00filflag

AMKA Passbook ( for Testing)- 10.00
 ( please state what belt rank)
test book
AMKA Student Handbook- 10.00stubook
AMKA Book- 15.00 "E" book 10.00amkabook
AMKA Book- Softcover 190 pages 20.00
DVD  Forms- 45 min   - Covering all the forms and their applications- 20.00
DVD History -45 min  -A pictoral History  of the art of Kuntaw as it was passed down, and the actual history  in fact
DVD Theory 45 min - A run down of basic theory from body mechanics to- fighting applications
DVD Techniques 120 min  - Basic to advanced techniques empty hand.

DVD  Weapons 120 min  - Stick disarms 1-6 thru many applications as well as staff usage
DVD  Fighting 60 min  - Actual fighting strategies to tournament  strategy


Uniform size 3-6 >62.00
Belt white-Brown> 6.00
Belt Black- 10.00

Practice Knife- Rattan>5.00
Practice Knife Oak Plain>10.00
Practice Knife Oak wrapped>12.00
Rattan Single 28in> 12.00
Rattan stick set. 28in >20.00
Rattan  Gayung 40in>15.00
Rattan Sibat 60 in> 20.00
Rattan  Toya 70 in> 30.00
Aluminum Trainer Knife> 20.00
Aluminum Trainer Knife Wrapped> 24.00
Bolo Carabo Handle-35.00
Bolo large 40.00
Bolo Aluminum- 20.00
Kerambit small- 12.00

IKF Memebership- Never received
IKF Id card- Never received
IKF Advancement Certificate- Never Received
IKF Patch- Never received
IKF Globe Patch- Never received
GGM Lanada's Book- Never received

AMKA Membership Card-  5.00
AMKA Membership Fee 10.00 yr
AMKA  Affiliation Certificate 20.00
AMKA Rank Certificate  20.00

World Sikaran Arnis brotherhood of the Philippines membership card card
World Sikaran Arnis brotherhood of the Philippines Certificate 15.00
World Sikaran Arnis brotherhood of the Philippines

Kun Tao Foundation membership  50.00 yr
Kapatiran Suntukan Membership 50.00 yr
American Karate Association Membership 50.00 yr
Yodansha Kobujitsu Membership 100.00 yr

4 hour Seminar - 250.00 plus expenses
8 Hour seminar - 400.00 plus expenses
2 day seminar- - 600.00 plus expenses
( note- prices subject to negotiation)

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